Helen | Breathe No Evil - A No Evil Project COVID-19 Community Art Program


Coffee Drinker
Dudley, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 

Each day during the epidemic, when I get a coffee at our local coffee drive through, I pay for the persons order behind me. I hope to show compassion and bring light to someone’s day. I’ve noticed it’s always those who are working during this time that get coffee in the morning. So I do it anonymously to bring cheer.

Additional Thoughts: 

Being a single mom working full time during this epidemic and having to home school, it’s been very challenging. I lost my boss and great friend and couldn’t honor her memory at a funeral. Other families have other adults in the house to talk with or share the hardships or jobs. The work load doubled for me professionally and personally. I want all single moms out there to know you are not alone even when it feels like it. You are strong and just like a great mom, you find a way to get it all done. We will remember this time and be thankful when they are grown and have their own lives.