Vanessa | Breathe No Evil - A No Evil Project COVID-19 Community Art Program


Blues Lover
Worcester, MA
United States
Tell Us Your Good Deed: 

I prefer to keep it private, but do want to encourage everyone to lend a hand and be kind to others. Seamos justos y saquemos las ideas preconcebidas de nuestra cabeza... let’s be just and let’s get rid of our prejudices. Have passion for compassion.

Additional Thoughts: 

I have autoimmune small fiber-neuropathy. Every month I visit the hospital for infusions for 3 days, and every month I worry about being exposed to the virus. Wearing a mask and keeping social distancing keeps me safe, and you too. We’re in this together. This isn’t a violation of your rights; it’s actually caring for yours and others wellbeing. Thank you for caring... and to everyone who hasn’t had the luxury of working from home: Thank you! We see you and value you.